Equipment Stock Control Software

Our equipment stock control software is built on Microsoft Access, offering flexibility for customisation to meet individual requirements. This facilitates easy integration of existing information from platforms like MS Excel, enhancing user experience. The system is powerful yet simple to use, featuring optional barcode functionality and connectivity with label printers.

The innovative "Dynamic Search" feature dynamically narrows down search results as you type, allowing for quick and efficient record retrieval. In the latest version (V4.0), we've enhanced the report builder functions for increased flexibility. Additionally, we've introduced the new 'Rapid Stock Take' function, which utilises a wired or wireless barcode scanner, eliminating the need to be in front of a PC or laptop. This feature enables effortless and swift inventory stocktaking.

By utilising this system, you'll have comprehensive information about your equipment, including their storage locations, quantities, costs, and even visual representations. The Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) information highlights items requiring testing and indicates the next test date, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

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  • Know what you have, how much you have and where it is
  • Simplifies stock taking - see our new remote stoke take function
  • Many built-in reports
  • PAT (Portable Appliance Testing)
  • Dynamic search for finding items
  • Pictures can be included in the item record
  • Optional barcode reading
  • Connects to label printers for custom labels
  • Multi-user installation
  • Site License

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